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Apex is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of high-density double-sided and multi-layered printed circuit boards (PCBA Taiwan). We offer a complete line of services, from low volume, quick-turn prototype manufacturing to high volume production, in supply of variety of PCB products to customer base in variety of industrials.

Our goal is to assist our customers with a sharp competitive edge in quality, effective cost and on-time delivery.

  • Manufacturing Capabilities
    - Layer 2 up to 12
    - Material FR-4 typical and others availablePCBA Taiwan
    - Thickness 0.062" typical and others available
    - Copper weight 1.0 oz typical and others available
    - Min. hole size 12 mil
    - Max. board panel 18"x 24"
    - Min. trace/spacing 5/5 mil
    - S/M registration 4 mil
    - Layer registration 5 mil
    - Impedance control 60PCBA Taiwan +/-10%

  • Product Applications
    - Control card for industrial products
    - Main board for audio amplifier

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